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    Ensure your clients and colleagues take on board your messages by supercharging your learning and development programme.

Does your L&D programme need supercharging?

Wonder if your company’s learning material is sinking in? It’s generally agreed that we remember more of what we see than what we read because the human brain processes visual cues better than written information. Retention increases again when that visual input is reenforced with practical application and yet still further when joined to physical movement.

Still asking colleagues to read the latest bulletin? Now’s the time to re-think your learning and development programme….and probably your staff communications strategy!

The classroom is dead......long live the virtual classroom!

Gone are the days of going to a physical classroom for training. We’re now in a place where virtual engagement is becoming the norm. It’s much more cost effective for the company and convenient for the learner. 

What’s more, you can scale learning like never before! But, just moving your existing classroom sessions online is completely missing the point. You need to reimagine your learning experience to maximise impact in an online environment.

Engaging younger colleagues

Remember having to get home for 7pm to catch your favourite TV show? Ask yourself, how many times do you actually watch live TV these days? 

People are moving more and more to on-demand content – especially the younger generations. Why? Because they can watch what they like when it’s most convenient. Moving to an on-demand L&D programme mimics that convenience for the learner.

We can help you turn your training programmes into on-demand, modular on-line learning journeys.

Mixing self-study with practical application

We believe that there are two kinds of learning:


Academic learning relates to understanding the theory. Application is converting that knowledge into practical skills through practice. You can read a book on how to ride a bike, but you then need to turn that academic knowledge into practical skills.

Our learning programmes combine academic knowledge, via online, modular self-study, with application tested through role play. 

Muscle memory

Remember the saying “it’s like riding a bike” implying that muscle memory stays for a long time. To get maximum knowledge retention, mix learning with movement. We’re not suggesting you need to create a new dance routine for each set of learning (although that could be interesting!), however associating a physical action with a piece of learning massively increases retention. It could be a hand gesture, a nod

Why not try kinaesthetic aided learning on a course and see what a difference

Internal story telling

Ever wonder how people remember Pi to 500 decimal places? The answer is through internal storytelling.

Creating a story which encompasses elements of what you’re trying to remember will greatly increase the chance of you remembering it. Need your colleagues to remember critical information? Turn it into a story!

We can help you create memorable stories to ensure key messages are retained.

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