Self-checkouts for financial advice? Why not!

We’ve all seen expansion of self-checkouts in supermarkets in recent times. Some love them, some hate them (unauthorised item in the bagging area!), but they’re here to stay. Let me tell you why…..

When first introduced they caused quite a stir. Whilst the idea of checking your own items was fun for ...

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Follow through on promises

Once you’ve got your business ready to sell and engaged with purchasers, you will need to negotiate a good deal, but then deliver on what you’ve promised.

There is a real danger of agreeing to lots of binding terms without really thinking about them because you’re being offered a great value for your...

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In need of modernisation...
A quick guide on why it's better to turn your business into a show home rather than selling it as a doer upper.
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How Your Default Mode Network is holding you back
We discuss how your Default Mode Network, or autopilot, is holding you back from improving your business and your life.
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Why first impressions count

Ever wonder why Japanese food looks so good? It all stems from a first century Roman called Apicius, who coined the phrase "we eat first with our eyes".

With Japanese food, great care is taken on presentation as it is firmly believed that how the food looks will have an impact on its taste....

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