Most financial advice business that sell end up with a lot less than they anticipated, but it's preventable!  

Our unique ValueBoost® programme puts you in the driving seat. By using our tools and templates, you can get your business ready for sale to have the retirement you dreamed of. 

The best part? All you need is in 5 simple steps.

1. Know Thyself

It may seem simple, but knowing the answer to two questions are the key to starting your sale journey:

1. What outcome you want to achieve 

2. What you have to sell 

Whilst these may seem easy questions, there's often a lot more to consider than you would think.

2. Reposition

How your client's see you can affect how "sticky" they are when the business is sold. Taking time to reposition your story can lead to more clients sticking around.

Likewise, your proposition could make a huge difference on the price you receive. Is it easy to integrate into a consolidator? Simplifying your proposition can create a big boost in sale price.

3. Clean up

In today's world, data is king. A well curated library is worth much more than a jumble of old books. Take time to get your data in order. 

Document your processes and procedures to make it easier for the buyer to take them on.

Lastly, get rid of any skeletons in your closet. They will be found during the due diligence process so its much better to deal with them now!   

4. Show off

Initial perceptions are hard to shake. Use your data to show off to potential buyers. 

By creating a polished image from the off, which isn't just surface deep, there will be far fewer questions in the due diligence process.

Take the process into you hands by inviting bids - there's no need to wait for buyers to come to you!

5. Negotiate & Deliver

Go into negotiations knowing what you're prepared to flex on but more importantly, at what point you'll walk away.

Pay attention to the contract. Unfavourable definitions are a value killer! 

Once you've sold, uphold your end of the deal. Not adhering to the contract gives the opportunity for redress or lowering of balancing payments.

How we can work together

You know what will work best for you, so we have a range of ways we can engage together. Simply choose how you would prefer to work.

Go it alone


Our self-starter package gives everything you need to make the shift yourself.

You'll get detailed guidance and exercises to complete for each of the 5 steps of the ValueBoost® process, as well as tools and templates to help you make your business shine and boost it's sale value. 

Perfect for those who like to take a hands-on approach!

Helping hand


Our Consult package gives you all of the guidance, tools and templates for you to make the shift, however you'll also get a 1 day initial consultation and 4 further day sessions throughout your change process to help you stay on track.

Just right for those who would like to make the change themselves, with support from an expert.

Leave it to us


Our Outsource package is the way to go for busy people who want someone else to complete the process on their behalf.

We'll  discuss  your individual requirements and create a tailored plan to take your business to the next level.

With agreed goals and timescales, we'll keep you informed every step of the way.

Sit back and watch the sale value of your business increase.

Thinking about selling your financial advice business? Get in touch - we guarantee it'll be worth it!

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