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Value is Personal for Consumer Duty
How to assess value as part of consumer Duty.
27.01.23 06:00 PM - Comment(s)
7 Simple Steps to a Fool-proof Consumer Duty Data Strategy
We cover the 7 steps to creating a fool-proof Consumer Duty data strategy
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Value isn't cheap!

I frequently hear people looking for value and more often than not, they mean cheap. But value doesn’t mean cheap, value actually means something's worth; what an individual feels they are prepared to give up to obtain that service or item.

When you look around, you’ll see that people have very diffe...

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Self-checkouts for financial advice? Why not!

We’ve all seen expansion of self-checkouts in supermarkets in recent times. Some love them, some hate them (unauthorised item in the bagging area!), but they’re here to stay. Let me tell you why…..

When first introduced they caused quite a stir. Whilst the idea of checking your own items was fun for ...

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