• Culture eats strategy for breakfast

    Establishing the right corporate culture can make or break a business. 
    Make sure you're focussed on the right things and your staff are aligned to your values.

Setting the culture for your business

The culture of a business is often the driving force behind its success or failure. Getting your messaging wrong can have quite serious consequences to the performance and behaviours of your staff.


Corporate culture always starts from a philosophical perspective. It can be regarded as the “secret sauce” that holds a company together. What it “feels like” to be part of the company. This revolves around the company’s beliefs and values.


Once you have a clear set of beliefs and values, you move into how you will ensure the vision and values are being lived by your staff. This could be through communication, policies, performance reviews and the physical work environment.


More than ever, people are choosing to join companies that they feel a connection with; that they share values with. Get the culture right and you’ll find the right employees will come to you.

Mission statement

Simon Sinak’s much seen Ted Talk, “Start with Why” clearly shows how a mission statement can be used to attract your target customers. We are in an age where people buy from companies that align with their values or they feel a connection with.  


Tell your story well and customers will come to you.


But it’s much more than that just attracting customers. Whilst a mission statement tells the world what you’re about, it also tells your staff what you want them to use as guiding principles and how they should act.


Having a clearly defined set of values tells your staff what the company believes and values. This will in turn tell them what to prioritise and what is expected from them. 

Think of values as a set of principle driven rules that everyone understands and is expected to live by. 

Our Corporate Culture programme

Our corporate culture programme will help you understand where you are now, define your vision and values and then launch them to the world.

We do this by:

  • Surveying your employees to see what they think the company's values are now
  • Running a series of workshops with senior leaders to define the mission, vision and values of the company
  • Review literature/website/performance management and reward frameworks, suggesting changes where appropriate 
  • Work with you on a launch strategy 
  • Re-survey staff post launch to validate that the new culture has been embedded     

Create the right corporate culture for your employees to thrive and your customers to feel like they belong