We want to change our world for the better.

At Change Squared we want to follow our own mantra and change the world for the better. We believe that if we all make small changes, they add up to create real progress for ourselves, our communities and the wider world.

The 4 pillars of our social impact strategy


Working to protect the environment


Helping local communities thrive by working together


Creating the right environment for our people to grow


Sharing success with those in need 


We only have one planet and we’re doing our part to help preserve it for our children, and future generations.

Natural Resources - We run a paperless office, which means no printing. We’ve gone one step farther and made the decision not to have brochures or business cards, opting for a simple QR code to direct people to our website and contact details.

Supply Chain Management – It’s important to us to work with those who share our beliefs. We work with local makers and suppliers as much as possible for our equipment and consumables, and prioritise fair-trade products.

Energy - Our electricity is only from renewable sources and use energy efficient LED lighting. We don’t use high energy appliances like fan heaters and have a water meter fitted, with water savers fitted in all toilets. All electrical equipment is turned off at the plug when not in use with nothing left on standby. All windows are double glazed to minimise heat loss.

Waste – we really do think about the waste we create and recycle everything we can diligently. We always try to recycle redundant technology and office furniture to local charities and take anything else to the recycling centre for environmentally friendly disposal.

Travel – Now more than ever, we’re in a virtual world and we now think much more about the need to travel to see clients or to events. We attend virtual events where possible and take public transport (where practical) to in person events. We have made the cycle to work scheme available to employees.


We are fully committed to adding value to our local community. We want to be a “good neighbour”, supporting local community groups.

We like to deal with real people over large corporates where possible, so we use small independent businesses for supplies and services. We especially love coffee from the amazing range of independent coffee shops near to our offices!


We believe that happy people give amazing service, so we’re committed to creating a positive work environment for our team.

Life - All colleagues are entitled to a generous amount of holiday in addition to bank holidays. The world is an amazing place, and we think people should be able to see it, so we support the taking of sabbaticals. Everyone’s life is complicated and to help we provide flexible and home working wherever possible.

Growth - We want to help our colleague’s growth themselves personally and professionally, so we provide time for the completion of Continuing Professional Development and pay for professional body memberships. We also have an extensive library of personal development books available to borrow. If employees want to complete a particular course/accreditation we are always happy to talk it through and may contribute or fully cover the cost. We recently paid for a colleague to take the Tony Robbins – “Unleash the Power Within” virtual workshop.

Health - A healthy body often helps create a healthy mind. We work with our colleagues to promote healthy eating and have a series of cookbooks available to borrow specialising in vegetarian and vegan food. As well as eating healthily, we promote exercise through flexible working. We pay for gym memberships for colleagues and promote participating in charity runs.

Equality, diversity and inclusion - We recognise that a diverse workplace contributes towards its success, and at Change Squared, everyone is welcome. When people feel respected and included, they do their best work, and we are actively building a culture which celebrates our differences.


Our main charity is The Suit Works, a Sheffield based charity offering services to clients in the Sheffield region. 

The Suit Works supports unemployed people of all ages who can’t afford to buy formal attire get back into work by giving them personally styled formal attire and interview coaching. What’s more, if they got the job the Suit Works also provide them with a capsule wardrobe to keep them looking smart when in post.

What we love about the Suit Works, is that they are much more than a provider of clothing. They really understand the value and importance of self-esteem and how well fitted formal attire can raise someone’s confidence and make them feel good about themselves. As the Suit Works clients are typically suffering financial hardship, this boost is exactly what they need to appear confident at interview and give themselves as good a chance as possible to get the role.

We provide staff with volunteering time to help the Suit Works and encourage donations of unwanted formal attire. We assist with fundraisers and do active fundraising through charity runs and other events.

We also give a proportion of our profits to the Suit Works to help them carry on their important work.