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Value is Personal for Consumer Duty
How to assess value as part of consumer Duty.
27.01.23 06:00 PM - Comment(s)
Top 5 tips to prepare for Consumer Duty 

With the deadlines around the FCA’s A New Consumer Duty getting closer, I wanted to cover the top 5 things you can do today to prepare.

Everyone knows that Consumer Duty is coming, however attitudes towards it have been mixed. Some have been preparing ever since it was announced, some have yet to get...

11.10.22 01:16 PM - Comment(s)
Value isn't cheap!

I frequently hear people looking for value and more often than not, they mean cheap. But value doesn’t mean cheap, value actually means something's worth; what an individual feels they are prepared to give up to obtain that service or item.

When you look around, you’ll see that people have very diffe...

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